When Knee Surgery Is Recommended

knee surgery

Non-invasive treatment options are always first in line for knee-related problems. These include physical therapy, weight loss, NSAID medications and localized steroid injections. When none of these strategies work and the quality of your life is deteriorating, doctors might recommend surgery.

Knee surgery is your best option if:

  • There is a persistent loss of motion where you can’t fully bend or extend your knees
  • If you have difficulty in squatting or bearing weight on the knee
  • Turning or twisting creates a popping sound in the knee
  • Moderate to severe pain even while resting, both at night and day
  • There is a clear bowing in or out of the affected leg
  • Severe knee pain and swelling that doesn’t respond to pain killers and limits your daily routine

The cause of knee pain or injury is another factor that will eventually drive the treatment choice your doctor decides on. Before deciding on surgery however, the doctor will take into consideration the patient’s age, and overall health condition. While many adults live with minor outer meniscal tears in the knee without any noticeable limitations, inner meniscal tears may require arthroscopic knee surgery. Extensive osteoarthritis damage caused by degeneration of the knee joint is also a reason why your doctor might suggest knee surgery.

In some cases, arthroscopic surgery is effective; this involves making several tiny cuts to insert a fine tube with a camera to view the damage inside the knee; surgical instruments are passed in through other tiny cuts to clear away any bone or cartilage fragments. This type of surgery allows you to become mobile after 2-6 weeks and get back to your normal activities within 8 weeks at the most.

If there is greater damage, your doctor might recommend an open knee replacement surgery where the heads of the large bones making up the joint are replaced with metal or plastic parts. This is a major surgery that leads to a larger cut and longer recovery times that may involve months of physiotherapy. Knee replacement surgery is however more effective in improving flexibility and pain and the corrective effects can even last a lifetime.

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