On the occasion of her 85th birthday, Dr Sita Bhateja, founder of Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital, received a rather special gift from her family – a book chronicling her extraordinary life. In it, for the first time, people got a glimpse of the tumultuous times which shaped the life of a remarkable lady. From the gardens of the juvenile jail in Multan (where she played as a child) to the post-partition refugee camps of Kurukshetra and the setting up of a nursing home of Bangalore, ‘Undaunted’ is the story of a lady who would go on to bring more than one hundred thousand souls into this world and change the lives of millions.

An excerpt from the book

In the early 1930s, visitors to the Multan borstal were more than a little surprised to see a little girl playing hopscotch, jumping rope and generally getting up to all manner of mischief about the grounds. A borstal ‘school’, as it was then known, was a juvenile reformatory which housed minors convicted of various crimes. The goal was to reform children, rather than punish them. Considering a noninmate child was playing here, they must have been doing a fairly good job of it. But, then again, this was no ordinary child. Her grandfather was the superintendent of the jail and her father too was in the jail service. She was, therefore, rather used to these surroundings.

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