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What is laparoscope or endoscope?

A laparoscope or endoscope is a thin stainless steel tubular
instrument with a rod lens system. This has a viewing port at one end and can transmit light through the same lens. This
allows surgeons to insert the endoscope into various body cavities enabling them to view and work within deep areas
inside the body.

How it works?

The endoscope is connected to a high intensity light source which provides the illumination deep inside enabling complex and intricate surgical movements with a high degree of accuracy thanks to the improved visualisation. All these images are captured from the viewing port of the endoscope using a high definition camera system and a high definition medical grade monitor to view these images.High definition means exquisitely beautiful images which bring out anatomical details which are otherwise not possible with the naked eye.

When it reaches the affected area, the High Definition camera and the attached light allow the surgeons to study the area closely before proceeding with the surgery. This type of surgery is commonly known as ‘minimally invasive’ surgery as it requires very small incisions – only just big enough to pass the instruments through. With this, there are a number of clear benefits.

Smaller incisions make for much less pain, allowing patients to recover quickly. They also have minimal scarring.

Haemorrhaging is reduced, which in turn lessens the requirement of blood transfusions. The reduction in pain means the patient also requires hardly any pain killers post operatively. Due to its complexity, the amount of time required for the actual procedure is more. However, the recovery time is considerably less resulting in same-day discharges. Patients return to normal life very quickly.

laparoscopic instrument

What are its procedures?

Since the incisions are smaller, internal organs are less exposed
which means there is a lower chance of post-operative infection
Common procedures carried out using this technology are –

  • Endoscopic endonasal surgery for resection of pituitary tumors,
    skull base tumors
  • Endoscope assisted neurosurgery
  • Laparoscopic appendicectomy
  • Endoscopic lumbar discectomy
  • Laparoscopic chloecystectomy
  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy/ ovarian cystectomy/ salpingectomy
  • Hysteroscopy


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