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Shalini Manglani helps you get healthy by tweaking your lifestyle
Are you one of those people who struggles with their packed schedule and can’t find time for exercise? Or have all diets failed for you? Well, you aren’t alone. Lots of us have trouble losing weight and being healthy.Here are a few tips which will make a dramatic difference, without requiring a lot of time.

  1. Eat at a table and not in front of the TV or in bed. When we are in
    front of a TV, our minds are not on our food and we tend to over
    eat. Sitting at a table controls mindless eating.
  2. Plate your food once according to the Healthy Eating plate (our
    first story last time which can be accessed on www.sbshospital.
    com). Don’t serve yourself again. This is a big step to weight
  3. Use smaller bowls and plates and reduce portion sizes.
  4. Fix your food timings and stick to them.
  5. Eat your calories instead of drinking them. Eating one orange
    is far better than drinking a juice which has 3 oranges and is
    devoid of fiber.
  6. Use food to nourish your body and not as a source of
    entertainment or a solution to boredom. Find a hobby instead.
    We suggest something active like cycling.
  7. Walk small distances instead of using transport.
  8. Never go to a grocery store or a restaurant or a party on an
    empty stomach.
  9. Maintain a food and weight log on your phone. Do this even on
    vacation. In fact its probably more important when you’re on
  10. Avoid packaged foods. Most packaged foods are loaded with
    sugar and salt. Limit their intake.

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