Spine Surgery

Our Spine surgical programme is a source of great pride to Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital. The department of Spine Surgery has been consistently delivering great results in treating patients suffering from debilitating conditions using complex, cutting-edge procedures. Minimally invasive spine surgery and deformity correction are the team’s particular areas of focus.

Some of the procedures we commonly perform are

  • Deformity Corrections
  • Microdiscectomy (cervical and lumbar)
  • Cervical, thoracic and lumbar fusions
  • Spinal tumour excisions
  • Spinal stabilisation for tumours and infections

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Here at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital, we offer cutting-edge spine surgical procedures at barely believable costs. Here are some of the most popular packages our Spine Surgery department offers. Do contact us to find out more.

Surgical Procedure Price
Single-level Lumbar Microdiscectomy INR 60,000
Single-level Cervical Discectomy
Indian titanium plate and cage INR 90,000
Standalone Synthes PEEK cage INR 1,00,000
Imported plate and cage INR 1,20,000
Disc replacement INR 2,20,000

Pricing applicable for stay in general ward

Packages include

  • routine pre-operative investigations
  • medications during stay in the ward
  • all consumables used in the operating room

Packages are not inclusive of

  • medications prescribed at discharge
  • additional investigations
  • treatment for any co-morbid conditions e.g. diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Visit our Spine Surgery page, to know more about the surgical procedures followed at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital.


Chinnappa (Name changed to protect confidentiality)

Spine Surgery

Chinnappa came to us as a young man of just 25 years of age, suffering from congenital kyphosis, a congenital spinal deformity caused by an abnormally developed back bone at birth. This results in curvature of the spine which tends to be more severe and rigid compared to the cases where they develop after birth. Treatment requires careful planning by a multi-disciplinary team led by a ‘spinal deformity’ surgeon. Timely surgery prevents further worsening of the condition, reduces early wear and tear of the back (spondylosis) and also improves function of the back.

Apart from the physical difficulties of coping with daily life, Chinnappa’s condition resulted in him being afflicted by bouts of deep depression, low self-esteem and a host of psychological problems.

Chinnappa underwent a 10-hour long surgery (in June of 2012) which involved removal of part of the backbone (a procedure called vertebral column resection) and correction of the deformity with the help of screws inserted into the vertebral column.

After the surgery Chinnappa recovered fully and achieved a quality of life he had never thought possible. Today he is a married man, living life to the fullest.

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The Condition

Scoliosis is a curvature of the back which develops due to various causes – abnormally developed back bone at birth (called congenital) or during the rapid growth during the early childhood (known as juvenile or adolescent scoliosis). This is a case study of a patient diagnosed with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) which was treated surgically at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital.

Patient History

Seema, aged about 12 years, presented with progressive deformity of the back.

Case Presentation

She underwent correction and fusion with pedicle screw instrumentation in December of 2013. This involves a surgery called correction (straightening of the curve) and fusion, which requires the curve to be straightened with the help of screws and rods in the spinal column using a bone graft to achieve fusion. Surgery can prevent early wear and tear of the back (spondylosis) and also improves function of the back. These surgeries are highly complex and require a good teamwork under a well trained spinal deformity surgeon.


There were no complications and the surgery was successful. Initially, she was on a brace, which was later discontinued. Today Seema lives an independent life and is continuing her education.


A pre-operative image of the case

Another Pre Operative image

Image taken after the surgical treatment

Another Post Operative image

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