Congenital spinal deformity is due to an abnormally developed back bone at birth which results in curvature of the spine. These curves are generally more severe and rigid compared to the cases where they develop after birth. Treatment requires careful planning by a multi-disciplinary team led by a ‘spinal deformity’ surgeon. A timely surgery prevents further worsening of the condition, reduces early wear and tear of the back (spondylosis) and also improves function of the back.


Mr. C was a patient of around 25 years of age. He suffered from congenital kyphosis – an abnormally developed back bone at birth. The resulting abnormal shape of his back resulted in him suffering from psychological problems stemming from low self esteem.

A Pre Operative image

A Pre Operative image

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Mr. C underwent a 10-hour long surgery (in June of 2012) which involved removal of part of the backbone (a procedure called vertebral column resection) and correction of the deformity with the help of screws inserted into the vertebral column.


After the surgery Mr. C recovered fully and achieved a quality of life he had never known before. He is now married and living and happier life than he ever thought possible.

Post Operative images

Post Operative imagePost Operative image

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Spinal cord injuries have become quite common these days. The diagnosis and treatment for any spine problem has to be done carefully. Any spine deformity requiring surgery has to be performed preferably by a ‘spinal deformity surgeon’. Get to know about the best treatment options available for spine problems from Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital in Bangalore –

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