Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is an area of great interest to us and, though relatively young, we take great pride in our surgical programme. From minimally invasive spine surgery and deformity correction to spinal fusion and disc replacement, our team of highly skilled surgeons routinely performs spine surgeries of great complexity with excellent results.

Spinal Surgeries at the Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital

Opting for surgeries of the spine is often a frightening and major decision and choosing the right doctor is very critical to the outcome of the surgery. Your feelings of insecurity might even give you the need to take a second or third opinion to be doubly sure that you are agreeing to the right procedure.

When finalizing on a surgeon, you will need to check how much experience your surgeon has in that specific type of surgery, what type of rooms, rates and facilities are available for in-patients and most importantly, whether the hospital offers guidance on post-operative exercises and rehabilitation.
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At the Sita Bhateja Specialist Hospital in Bengaluru, which had its humble beginning in 1965 as a small Nursing Home, you can find such specialist help as well as fulfillment of all your requirements. In the early days, the hospital had an unmatched reputation for expertise in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology (the late founder, Dr Sita Bhateja’s field of choice) and it was only in 2007, under the guidance of Dr Arvind Bhateja that the institution became a multi-disciplinary specialist hospital. He is a reputed neurosurgeon who has completed over 3000 brain and spine surgeries in a very short time span and was given recognition as a ‘Leading Spine Surgeon’ at the India Spine Vision 2007 Conference held in New Delhi in 2006. He was also awarded the ‘Rashtriya Rattan Award’ by the Global Economic Council in 2007 in Bengaluru.

In his academic pursuit of the latest surgical trends, he still goes for specialized spinal surgery and neurosurgery courses abroad to bring home the latest technologies that will benefit the patient by minimizing hospital stay as well as recovery time. He is an expert in minimally invasive surgeries as well as keyhole surgeries.

The surgical specialties are located in a global-standard operation theatre complex with seamless interiors, hermetically sealed doors and windows and laminar air flow facility that helps in controlling spread of infections. The fully equipped ICU is conveniently located close to the theatre with capable and caring staff watching over their patients with an eagle eye.

Spinal surgeries are an incomplete treatment without proper rehabilitation of the patient post-operatively. Proper physiotherapy follow-up is required for the surgery to be proclaimed successful and the hospital is proud to declare that its patients, who had to be supported when they came in, walk out independently after treatment and proper rehabilitation.

Spine surgery is an intricate field and requires experience, expertise and a lot of meticulous care to be successful, and this hospital takes pride in its surgical program that offers traditional as well as minimally invasive spine surgery for correction of deformities and disc replacement as well as spinal fusion on a regular basis.

The team of skilled doctors and surgeons involved in spine surgery care here are experts in routinely performing surgeries of great complexities with highly positive results. They also share the founder, Dr. Sita Bhateja’s philosophy of empathetic healthcare for all patients irrespective of their cast, creed or status in life. More than a hundred spinal surgeries have been performed free of charge so far on under-privileged patients over the years and they have all received the same courteous and warm care as other patients.

Some of the cases routinely seen by our consultants include herniated discs, kyphosis (a deformity of the spine or hunchback), lumbar spinal stenosis (irritated nerves in the lower back due to narrowing of the spinal canal), scoliosis (an ‘S’ or ‘C’ shaped curvature of the spine), spine tumors, craniovertebral junction anomalies, trauma and spine infections.
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Some of the routinely performed procedures include dorsal spine surgery, lumbar spine surgery, Cranio-vertebral and cervical spine surgery as well as minimally invasive spine surgeries. In addition, our surgical team routinely uses navigation guidance during most of the spinal instrumentation procedures and has vast experience with navigation guided spine surgery. Some highly-publicized, outstanding spine disorder cases have been treated in this specialist center and include the case of a 10-year-old girl who was successfully operated for multiple arachnoid cysts adherent along the full length of her spine, which had literally turned her into an invalid. She is now a happy regular school-going kid.

The team of specialists in spinal surgery includes Dr Arvind Bhateja, the Medical Director as well as the son of the founder, Dr Banu Prakash, an eminent consultant neurosurgeon and spine surgeon as well as a leading member of the team with his area of interest being deep brain stimulation and minimally invasive surgery, and Dr Raghavendra, a spine surgeon par excellence whose special interest lies in degenerative spinal disorders of the lower back and spinal deformities.

Dr Arvind Bhateja, who is the leader of this team, is especially experienced in minimally invasive neurosurgery and spine surgery, disc replacement surgery, spinal fusion surgeries, trans-sphenoidal endoscopic surgeries, craniovertebral junction anomalies, spondylolisthesis, minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion surgery as well as skull-based approach to neurosurgery. His air of calm assurance and quiet attention to the patient’s needs puts the patient at ease immediately and inspires well-placed confidence.
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Together, these doctors have built the reputation of this hospital, both in India as well as abroad for their highly technical and successful spinal and neurosurgical treatments as well as reasonable hospitalization rates. Numerous patients from far and near turn up at this hospital also when they have been unsuccessful in getting the right diagnosis and treatment elsewhere, such is the solid reputation that this hospital has been built on.

The courtesy and politeness that is shown to the patient as well as their relatives has been proclaimed by many a patient after completing their care at the hospital. The staff’s ethics are based on attending to the patient’s well-being, and empathizing with every individual patient’s hopes, fears and needs…. This is called all-round care for the sick patient!

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