• Introduction and History

    Mrs L, a 54 year old housewife presented with history of L4-5 spondylolisthesis (forward displacement of lumbar vertebra).

  • Case Presentation

    She had undergone a surgery known as L4-5 PLIF (PLIF- posterior lumbar inter-body fusion) 4 years prior, at a different institution. A year prior to visiting us, she developed recurrent back pain and had difficulty walking. Over the year following that, her condition worsened. It was determined that she needed ‘revision’ surgery, which essentially means that surgeons had to operate to ‘revise’ what had previously been done. An additional level had to be added at her L3 and the fusion which had been done (at L4-5) had to be completely revised. This was done with more than a little skill and there were no complications. It was a complete success.

  • Outcome

    The patient made an excellent recovery and was walking (unaided) within two days of the procedure.

  • Resources


    Spine Revision Pre Operative image


    Spine Revision Pre Operative image


    Spine Revision Post Operative image

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