Seizures: Types, Causes, and Symptoms

Seizures: Types, Causes, and Symptoms

Seizures are changes in the electrical activity of the brain. There could be visible symptoms of the seizure or it could go on without any visual signs of it. A serious seizure is easily recognized, as it involves shaking and loss of body control and loss of consciousness.

Types of Seizures

Seizures that arise in one part of the brain are called Partial Seizures. Seizures that arise only on one side of the brain usually cause symptoms on one side of the body alone. Seizures that arise in the temporal lobe are called complex partial seizures and can give rise to strange subtle symptoms such as smacking of the lip and vacant staring.
Seizures which involve both halves of the brain are called Generalized Seizures. This kind manifests over the entire body and the grand mal seizure associated with epilepsy is an example. Absence seizures are an example of generalized seizures and have hardly any physical symptoms. The victim might appear to be day dreaming but his/her attention cannot be captured in this time period.

Seizure Causes

A seizure can be caused by a number of reasons. Brain tumors, Head injuries, Alcohol withdrawal, brain infections, drug use, stroke, choking, oxygen shortage at birth and head injuries, to name a few. Seizures can be inherited genetically and can run in families. Sometimes, there is just no real cause identified for a seizure, especially in the case of children.


Seizures usually come with warning signs. There are sudden feelings of fear and anxiety felt and also dizziness. Vision might be affected too. Seizure symptoms, when it manifests, however, are hard to miss. The victim usually falls down and there is the violent clenching of teeth. The eyes make sudden and rapid movements, uncontrollable muscle spasms set in and there is frothing at the mouth.

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