How to Prepare for Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery ?

The shoulder joints are used a lot on a daily basis, sometimes for very stressful activities, making them prone to injury and becoming arthritic. After a while, traditional treatments no longer work, making the joints ineffective and painful to manipulate.

In such cases, surgery becomes the only option available to regain strength, movement and freedom from pain. With advances in surgical techniques, there are minimal access surgeries now available which involve only a small cut on the surface of the skin, sometimes two, which ensure faster healing times, shorter hospitalizations as well as accelerated rehabilitation times.

Shoulder arthroscopy is one such procedure, where a small cut is made at the joint and a camera (arthroscope) is inserted inside that sends high definition video images onto a screen which the surgeon monitors. Based on the images received, he diagnoses and where needed, repairs the issue at hand. This he does by inserting tiny, specialized instruments within the same small incision in the skin to repair the damage.

Before going in for the surgery, you need to prepare your home and your body for the procedure. This is the ideal opportunity to get your body into shape as it will reduce chances of complications and help in the recovery process too. You will need to deal with issues such as diet, weight, exercise, smoking and alcohol to improve your health situation. And if you happen to come down with any health issue prior to the surgery, do inform your doctor.

Aside from this, you will need to prepare your home for your return after surgery. Cook nutritious meals and freeze for at least a couple of week’s worth or fill your freezer with ready-to-eat and easy-to-heat meals. You also need to keep frequently used items at waist-high counter-tops or sink areas so you don’t have to raise your hand higher than that recommended. You will need to arrange for someone to stay with you for a couple of weeks as a caregiver, to be with you at the hospital as well as drive you back from the hospital.

Before the day of the surgery, you need to clear all your doubts with your doctor regarding the procedure, about when you can go home, the kind of rehabilitation needed, the kind of clothes to wear as well as when you can get back to work.

You will also need to let your doctor know about any underlying conditions you have such as asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. You might need to give your surgeon the details of all your doctors as well as a list of all the medications and supplements you take; this should also include any alternative medicine, herbal formulations too. You will also need to let him know about any past allergic reactions or diet restrictions and food allergies.

The day of the surgery, your surgeon will need to do a physical exam, check your blood and urine for normal values to prepare for abnormalities and get issues like blood sugar and blood pressure under control.

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