Dear wonderful people who came into our life when we needed you and took such good care of us.
Thank you.”
Kind Regards,


Good Evening Doctor. This is Tanya, Aditri Menon’s mom (room 202). We were discharged this evening and I just wanted to thank you for everything. I just had to let you know that I was so touched by the concern and care that the nurses and the duty doctors showed towards Aditri. It’s not easy looking after a 7.5 yr old patient and they did it with grace and lots of patience . Even the akkas and the cafeteria boys were so polite. We were more than adequately looked after by Dr Amit Bajaj – he answered all my questions so patiently. Again, thank you everything! Pls do share my feedback with your team.Kind Regards,
(Aditri Menon’s mom)

Sona Beezadhur

Dear Dr Bhateja,
I had come to India from Mauritius for my spine surgery in October 2015. I am very pleased to inform you that I have recovered very well and now I’m getting on with my everyday chores comfortably (with the required precaution of course!).I take this opportunity to thank you and your team at the hospital for your outstanding work. You have made me feel confident and hopeful at every step of the process along the way and your staff were professional and friendly, which made my stay at the hospital very comfortable.I thank you again.Kind Regards,
Sona Beezadhur

Sona Beezadhur

‘Empathy’ is a corporate buzzword now, but even harder to implement than it is to define. During my recent shoulder surgery at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital, I was so pleased to see this word make that all-important transition from the sign on the front of the building, to something I actually encountered over and again from staff at all levels of this hospital–not just the expected professionalism of the doctors.

From the guard at the gate, to the main receptionists, the nurses at their station, the cleaning staff, the canteen workers, the OT staff (especially the good-natured anaesthesia tech who made me feel so at ease), to the ER nurse who checked my dressings… I was treated with kindness, warmth and dignity at every stage of the process.

I know this doesn’t happen by accident, and how much work must have been put into seeing and understanding the hospital and its systems through patients’ eyes. Whether beng told exactly what medicine I was being given and why, or having all the paperwork clearly explained to me, the focus on empathy shows up again and again at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital.

Interaction with Dr Shankar was also a joy, right from the cheery first evaluation at which I unhesitatingly signed up to fix my recurring shoulder dislocations, to the trouble he took to demonstrate the physiotherapy exercises, as I would be out of the country by the time I needed to start them.

This was my first operation, and I’m normally very nervous of needles and hospitals. I was surprised at how much at ease I felt through the whole process at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital. I’d like to say a huge thank you to the whole team for making this an experience that was as close to painless as one can get in a hospital!

Gautam Raja

THANK YOU for your help, support and EXCELLENT CARE.

I really cannot thank you enough.

I am highly indebted to you and the entire Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital staff. You have an excellent set of people.

Rajesh (son of Mr.Raj Mattoo)

Been to quite a few hospitals in the past, the personal care, friendly staff, most qualified and capable docs make SB hospital my best experience till date. Thanks Dr. Arvind Bateja for everything.

Chetan Jain

Dear Dr.Arvind Bhateja,
May I bring to your notice that on this day i.e. 30th Sep Last year i.e.2013, I was operated upon for a Left Parasagittal Meningioma Brain Tumour, by yourself, Dr.Banuprakash.A.S. and team.
Since then, today is the first anniversary of the same and I am extremely happy to inform you that I am back to my normal self, alive and kicking.

On this SPECIAL occasion, I wish to place on record my sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to you, your staff and your entire team.

In fact I was not in a mood to agree for the operation since I had an apprehension that if anything goes wrong, I would be rendered immobile and would be in vegetative state, since this operation was invasive of the brain and it was your pep talk which convinced me to agree for the operation.

For your memory I would like to state the exact words which you spoke to me a few days, before the operation (since it is etched permanently in my mind) ” You are not the first patient to undergo this operation nor you would be last patient to undergo this operation, you are still young and I assure you that everything would be fine, trust me, you are in save hands”

True to your words, everything went as per your words.

I am at a loss of words to describe my gratitude to you and your team, the least I can do is write this message and say a BIG THANKS.

A few months ago, I spoke on News9 TV Channel about you and Dr.Banuprakash, when there was a debate on why celebrities chose overseas hospitals over domestic hospitals. I mentioned that doctors in India are capable of doing the impossible and are highly skilled, compassionate, dedicated and caring, I gave your and Dr.Banuprakash.A.S.’s example. A tiny gesture on my part to express my gratitude.

My special thanks are to Dr.Banuprakash.A.S. to whom I am greatly indebted to, as he has obliged our SOS calls, even in the dead of night, for any clarifications as far as the Post-op medications and consultations are concerned and any queries vide email, whatsapp etc. are immediate answered by him. He is an invaluable asset to any hospital and he is the jewel in the crown of your hospital along with you.

You, Dr.Arvind Bhateja and Dr. Banuprakash make a highly skilled, compassionate and caring combination, I wish both of you, a highly rewarding career and may this combinations scale new heights in the field of neurosurgery.


Sridhar Babu. P.

Appreciations and greetings to Dr. Sita Bhateja
We wish to thank Dr. Sita Bhateja for operating on my wife with fibroids in 1997. We were then blessed with our second child. Many thanks to her. Surely she would recall us as we were her first patients from Tanzania and we recommended others thereafter. She saved my wife’s uterus and we cant forget her enough for all that she did for us. May ALLAH bless her and all at her hospital.

Haydarali and Zehra Jeraj, Tanzania.

Dear Dr. Bhateja,
Let me begin by wishing you and your family belated wishes for a Happy New Year and Sankranthi. I’ve been wanting to write to you ever since my father was discharged and well… you know how we doctors are!

My family joins me in expressing our sincere thanks to yourself and your team of doctors for the excellent care given to my father. Mr. Boriah, during his stay at your hospital, I must compliment you on the efficient and caring manner in which your staff went about their duties. As a fellow medical professional who runs her own establishment, I can truly comprehend the effort that is required to provide a high level of professional service in the medical field.

Dr. Vidyamani

Respected sir,
I don’t know how to thank you for the successful brain and spine operation of my brother Haji Zafar Alam and for the spirit in which it was done, all the members of our family are obliged to you and thanks from the core of their heart. Please convey our respect to your mother.

Masood Alam

Today it is exactly one month since my spinal operation and my wife joins me in taking this opportunity in sincerely expressing our heartfelt gratitude to you and your team of consultants, assistants and nursing staff for the kind and excellent care we received throughout our stay at the hospital and for being such a wonderful surgeon and sensitive human being. It was indeed our privilege to have met you and got to know you.

We would also like to place on records our sincerest appreciation and gratitude to various other individuals and service providers at the hospital. Undoubtedly, hospitals are the most complex of service providers as it encompasses a wide range of services and functional units including diagnostic & treatment functions or hospitality functions, ranging from clinical labs, Imaging facilities, emergency rooms, physiotherapy, OT nursing, canteen, food service, housekeeping, insurance handling, security and parking to all other administrative and out-patient functions. Each of these wide-ranging and constantly evolving functions, not forgetting the highly complicated mechanical, electrical, and telecommunications systems that require constant upgrading and regular maintenance, managing varying human emotions, egos and moods on a day-to-day basis, requires elaborate and specialized knowledge, expertise & leadership skills, which is why co-ordination and quality control is so vital while providing comfortable & hassle-free experience to an inpatient and his family.

When we first stepped into your hospital chamber in March 2010 I was unwavering in my decision to avoid surgery at any cost as I had heard nightmare stories about what goes on in emergency rooms, especially related to spinal surgeries. But upon meeting you, my premeditated determination vanished and I found myself readily agreeing to go under the scalpel, much to the pleasant surprise of my wife!! Thereafter, it just did not matter what counsel (read admonition) we received from various friends and relatives, at times caution mixed with indignation and shock, to agree for the surgery without taking second opinion! On hindsight I am glad that I took that decision to undergo the surgery.

While mostly all service providers, like hotels and hospitals, endeavour to provide quality, comfortable and hassle-free experience to their customers, often the experience is not so pleasant and inspiring as we felt at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital. Why? In our experience, there’s one crucial feature that was abundantly present in your hospital that is rarely seen in other institutions that is service with a genuine smile!! Be it the parking attendant, the security guard, the reception staff, the nursing staff, the technicians, the physiotherapists or the consulting Doctors…..all had a wonderfully bright and genuine smile on their faces that really was infectious & contagious. Cleanliness was another wonderfully pleasant experience which, in our opinion, remains unmatched. And never did we experience any staff or attendant misbehaving or demanding for tips as done in other reputed hospitals. Canteen meals, although limited in variety, was fresh, tasty and wholesome. Undoubtedly the ethos of the hospital was reflective of the personality of its owner(s) and we were most pleasantly overwhelmed by the kind courtesies, positive attitude and pleasant demeanor of your staff.

My wife and I also wish to thank you for the efficient handling of the insurance formalities. We feared that the paperwork would be a nightmare, but your competent staff knew exactly what to do. In a surprisingly short time, they had processed the forms and we felt truly reassured & relieved. Please do extend our sense of gratitude and thanks to all your relevant staff and personnel.

In conclusion, we would be failing in our duties if we did not express our gratefulness to your beloved mother Dr (Mrs) Sita Bhateja who found time from her busy schedule to visit us in our room and enquire after my health. May God bless her always and in all ways. And may the soul of your beloved father Col. Bhateja continue to bless us mortals and guide you to do better for humanity at large.

Thanking you once again and hoping that someday I too get an opportunity to serve you and your family in my field of expertise, that is financial planning, life insurance and investments.

(Govadia)…Room # 204…Room with a view!!

The best place to get treated & cured – physically & spiritually. High caliber professionals who put you back on your feet with ease and to be cared for by a highly motivated and courteous team of nursing staff. recuperating while there seems like “home away from home”. A BIG thanks to the Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital Team.

Sridhar Rajagopal

It’s unusual for me to write a review about a hospital, but I’m putting my review here simply because of a very positive experience we had at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital in mid-2013. My dad underwent an LS spine (laminectomy) surgery at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital and the surgery was done by Dr.Arvind Bhateja and his team. My dad had a complication from an earlier surgery at another hospital that didn’t work out very well and the condition was threatening enough to ground him for good, but he came out of the OT at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital without pain and was walking around, albeit with support, in a week’s time (I say this with no exaggeration). Simply put, it couldn’t have gone better for us. We were very impressed by Dr.Arvind’s thorough explanations of every aspect of my dad’s condition, right from the pre-op diagnosis (which gave us a good deal of confidence and also an idea of the risks involved), right up to the post-op recovery and rehab. I must mention the fantastic nursing team they have at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital; always very courteous, caring and not grumpy (which I see so often elsewhere). Post-op rehab was very good with the Spectrum physio team (rehab is so important and often neglected) and I’m glad to note that my dad is now able to walk a few kilometers every morning without trouble and with no support; something that was a distant thought a year ago. Hospital experiences are usually filled with anxiety, boredom and drudgery, but Dr.Arvind and his team do make a considerable effort to take the annoyances out the way and were quite successful to make my dad’s experience a very positive one. Thank you very much, doctor and team!

Sharath Murali

When I look back at my experiences at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital I am more than a little surprised that everything went so smoothly.

I have had – like most of us,I guess – faced all kinds of irritants ranging from indifference and apathy to outright hostility at the various hospitals at which I have had the misfortune to be a patient. There have been a very few where I have felt good about the whole process and SBH is right up there with the best.

Sometime in April I had gone in to Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital as I had passed a fair amount of blood – possibly from an enlarged prostate and this is what I found:

The staff at the registration desk were very polite, friendly and helpful.

At the waiting room I was told that the doctor was in surgery and would be delayed. I could meet his assistant and give him the details of my problem so that these could be entered into the system.

Both the Consultant and his assistant actually listened to all that I had to say and then explained the course of investigation that was proposed. This included a scan and a cystoscopy to rule out problems with the kidneys liver and bladder. This entailed staying overnight.

The admission procedures were simple and quick and the staff helpful and polite. The nursing staff were friendly,caring and helpful ensuring that the pre-cystoscopy procedures were as stress free as possible. All of them were unfailingly cheerful and tried to keep my spirits up.

A General Physician interviewed me to ensure that there were no other complicating factors. The Anaesthetist took pains to explain the choice of anaesthetic and how the body would respond. The Consultant took the trouble to explain the details of the procedure and the need for rest and care overnight.

Again following the procedure,the nursing staff did everything that they could to keep me comfortable. They were unfailingly friendly and everything that they did – from inserting a canula to removing a catheter – was gently and carefully done.

Billing and discharge procedures are usually extremely tedious,time consuming and stressful,undoing much of the good work of the medical/surgical/nursing departments. Here everything went as smoothly as possible. The bills were also within the indicated range and there were no unpleasant surprises. The discharge summary was complete, clear and made available as I left the hospital……………………with the warm feeling that this is the way all hospitals should treat their patients. As human beings in pain and anxiety and who need reassurance,care and comfort.

Hats off to Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital for having recognised this simple truth and acted on it so very well! Keep up the good work!

K O Thomas, 64 (2014)

Its hard to put into words the kinds of place Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital is. Lets begin by saying its a throwback to a different era – an era where values, ethics and service to society were more than just platitudes. At Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital, people are at the centre of everything they do. I broke my forearm into literally two pieces. Holding this arm with my one good hand, I actually went to one of the most celebrated orthopedic surgeons in Bangalore who treated me like dirt and simply directed me to wait two days until he could find the time to operate on me (in one of the most well-known hospitals in Bangalore). On the other hand, when Dr Satyaprakash examined me and referred me to Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital, doctors and nurses were ready for me by the time I got there. I was examined while my family and friends took care of the administrative proceedings. I was then instantly admitted and slotted for the surgery the next morning. The room was bright, airy and squeaky clean and the staff were very efficient. Doctors were empathetic and kind. When I was wheeled into surgery, the last thing I remember were the kindly smiling faces of the anesthetist and nurses. Surgery went off absolutely perfectly. I was discharged the day after. In the intervening time all the doctors who came by were very kind. Dr Arvind Bhateja (Medical Director of the hospital) himself examines every patient who has come out of surgery. Even the discharge procedure was efficient and easy without any of the bureaucracy one has come to expect from hospitals. I would never go anywhere else in Bangalore and have since brought various friends and family here. We have come to learn that this institution extends the very finest care to its patients and its surgeons are nothing short of the highest calibre. Hospitals today have become more expensive, less efficient and completely heartless (in the way they treat patients). They could all learn a lot from Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital.

Rahul K Thomas, 31 (2012)

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