Nuerosurgery - Microsurgery

Vestibular Schwannomas are tumors arising from the vestibular component of the eighth cranial nerve. While they are benign, they can grow to be very large and can compress adjacent structures like the facial, trigeminal and lower cranial nerves. This can lead to loss of hearing, distortion of the brain stem, disturbances in gait and secondary hydrocephalus.

As the tumour grows larger, so do the operative risks so ideally it ought to be surgically removed as early as possible. Tumours are excised through microsurgery while the facial and cochlear nerves are monitored carefully. The results are quite promising and there is even the possibility that the patient can regain lost facial function and hearing.

Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital’s track record of preserving the facial nerve with this procedure, even with the largest of tumours, is comparable with globally renowned institutions.

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