Most brain tumours would require microsurgical excision to relieve compression on surrounding structures and reduce pressure inside the skull. Traditionally these procedures were performed with long incisions and large openings which often compounded risk involved in brain surgery and increased the time required for recuperation due to pain and trauma. With the advent of neuro navigation, it has become increasingly possible to precisely locate these brain tumours with a high degree of accuracy and therefore restrict the size of the opening into the skull. This not only gives the surgeon real-time information of the location of his instruments within the brain but also aids in avoiding damage to vital structures and maximizing the completeness of resection. At the same time with the least amount of pain and the highest degree of safety.

Navigation is essentially like a GPS tracking device which co-registers the patient’s head to the pre-operative imaging. Using tracking spheres on instruments and an infra red camera, the navigation system shows the surgical team their exact location (within a mm or two) in relation to the pre-operative imaging.

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