Neuro vascular compression syndromes lead to a variety of clinical conditions the commonest being Trigeminal Neuralgia – an excruciatingly painful condition wherein the person complains of severe lancinating pain on one half of the face. Pain is often brought on by simple activities like brushing teeth, chewing or speaking.

This condition is often caused by a loop of blood vessel compressing on the trigeminal nerve leading to the symptoms described above. Treatment options range from medication (usually long-term), radiation therapy (gamma knife surgery) and surgery.

Microvascular decompression is the surgical procedure of choice with the highest safety and the best results. It is a simple, elegant procedure with excellent outcomes in which a pledget of teflon is placed between the offending blood vessel and the nerve.

This procedure is also used for patients with vascular compression syndromes leading to hemi-facial spasm, episodic vertigo and glossopharyngeal neuralgia.

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