Malignant brain tumours, of which gliomas are the most common type, are generally challenging tumors which have no known cure. The outcome of these tumors largely depends on the histological grade at the time of diagnosis. Most tumours require surgical resection (removal) following which the tumours of higher grade require radiation therapy with without adjuvant chemotherapy.


Mr P, a 36 year old gentleman, presented with history of progressively increasing headache and vomiting for nearly 3 months. He had also had 3-4 episodes of convulsions and his wife reported that she had recently noticed some changes in his memory and behaviour. When examined he appeared to be otherwise healthy except for features of raised intracranial pressure and evidence of frontal lobe dysfunction.

His MRI showed a large heterogeneously enhancing tumor in the corpus callosum with severe mass effect.


Mr P and his family were explained the serious nature of his illness and following pre-operative assessment he underwent a craniotomy and microsurgical removal of the tumor. Following this, he recovered remarkably well and was up and about in a few hours. He was discharged about 3 days later. His histopathology revealed a Grade 3 anapaestic oligodendroglioma. He was advised to undergo radiation therapy and adjuvant temozolamide chemotherapy.

Pre-operative scans

Pre-operative scan 1Pre-operative scan 2Pre-operative scan 3

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Four months later, on a follow up, he was doing very well. All of his pre-operative symptoms had abated and he had returned to full time employment.

A repeat MRI showed no residual or recurrent tumor.

This case demonstrates a very successful outcome of a difficult disease and underlines the need for early diagnosis and treatment. Meticulous microsurgical principles go a long way in achieving a good surgical outcome combined with aggressive adjuvant therapy.

Post-operative scans

Post-operative scan 1Post-operative scan 2Post-operative scan 3

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Brain tumors present with a range of symptoms and these vary based on the type of tumor and location. To know about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options for any type of tumor, get in touch with the Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital which has a team of doctors who specialize in treating all kinds of benign and malignant brain tumors. –

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