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Spinal diseases are debilitating burden on the most productivedemographic of our population – the bread winners of many a family. These conditions often mean, at the very least, a long interruption in the working life of a person at the peak of a career. With the burgeoning numbers of patients sufferingfrom these conditions, public institutions are struggling to treat them quickly and effectively. Add to this the fact that surgical treatment is prohibitively expensive and the delays compound the damage and considerably delay recovery of patients.

Our program is aimed at making spine surgery affordable and accessible to everyone especially the underprivileged. The funds raised are used to subsidise the cost of the consumables, investigations and implants on the one hand while the cost of hospitalisation, surgery and facilities is subsidised by Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital and its doctors to help make the most modern state-of-the-art facilities accessible to the most needy at virtually no cost. This is a first of its kind initiative anywhere in the world.

You make a living with what you get; you make life by what you give. It is a quote wrongly attributed to Winston Churchill but it is very right in what it says. Giving is a deep rooted philosophy at Sita Bhateja Specialty Hospital which is has a charitable wing that is completely dedicated to taking care of the poor, called ‘Sri Jetha Nand Hospital for the Poor’. For more than 49 years, we have been giving back to the society by providing medical care for those who could not afford it.

When 8 years ago we expanded our services to include neuro and spine surgeries amongst other specialties, we were overwhelmed to see the number of poor, incapacitated breadwinners and their helpless families who knocked on our doors. All those patients from various parts of the country and various backgrounds had one thing in common-their inability to afford the expensive spinal surgery/treatment that is required to get them on their feet again and take care of their families.

We espoused that age old philosophy of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and always suggested ways for patients to stay healthy and avoid further health related complications. We practiced what we preached and encourage our staff in active living by taking part in sports like running and cycling. We have been medical partners of many sporting events like BBCH, Tour of Nilgiris over the years, mainly to show our support for active living and encourage sporting events to grow. Cycling has become a passion for our chief neurosurgeon, Dr. Arvind Bhateja. Out of this passion for cycling and the compassion for the poor patients unable to afford costly spinal care, the ‘Giving Back’ program took shape in 2013. Gautam Raja(Spectrum Racing) rode the arduous 8 day Tour of the Nilgiris (TFN) as charity rider and raised funds to perform 14 free spine surgeries for the poor and needy. In 2014, Vivek Bhateja, brother of Dr. Arvind Bhateja raised enough funds to perform 21 spine surgeries and the ball was been set rolling for ‘Giving Back’ program.

In 2015, Dr. Arvind Bhateja joined his brother Vivek to raise enough money to perform 60 free surgeries although it was not until 2016 that he was able to ride and win TFN in his category while raising funds for the program.

The program has performed over 130 spinal surgeries since inception! Watch Dr Arvind Bhateja’s TED talk on Giving Back here

This year, Shankar Jayaraman is going to carry the flag at TFN to raise funds for ‘Giving Back’.

We encourage you to log on to our website ( or follow us on facebook to keep up with their gut-wrenching daily training schedule as he grinds away the kilometers in search of that elusive podium position.

If you’re convinced to the cause, and the work they are putting into it, do supporting his ride by donating any amount you can.

Every little bit goes a long way!

All donations made to the Dr (Mrs) Sita Bhateja Nursing Home Charitable Trust will be exempt from IT under section 80G.
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Champions Of Charity

Shankar started cycling in 2010 as a way to lose weight and stay fit in preparation for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. What started as a 25km daily commute soon changed to a passion, and has been riding 10k + km every year since then. Moving on from commute to weekend rides to racing, Shankar is a old-time member of Spectrum Racing, the best amatuer racing team in India, and loves long rides with his team mates with the mandatory breakfast stops in between. A regular in the BBCh racing scene in Bangalore over the past years, he has also raced or MAMIL-toured in Thailand, Srilanka and Italy!

TFN Goal:
Juggling a job that takes him away from Bangalore every other week over the past couple of years, one goal he has is to get his mojo back! Having done 3 TFNs already (2010 on MTB, 2011 and 2014), he also wants this TFN to be a bit different. Along with gearing up for the arduous 950 km tour, he has set himself a big target of raising Rs. 5 Lakhs for Dr. Arvind Bhateja’s Free Spine Surgery program for the needy – Giving Back.

Training plan:
Zwift workouts during weekdays!
and long rides during weekends!!

Dipankar started cycling in Feb 2008 when long hours of sitting in front of the computer at work started leading to back and neck pain. Cycling to work brought in a certain amount of fitness to otherwise a sedentary lifestyle. The 8K worth cycle was initially used to commute for a short distance of 10 km daily to the office and back. One fine day he encountered the cycling group called Go Green Initiators which introduced him to the world of long-distance city cycling. It also introduced him to the world of multi-day cycling tours, like TFN. Soon TFN Prep rides were the weekend activities to look forward to. From the following year onwards the limits of physical and mental boundaries kept getting tested by participating in local races as well as triathlons around the world in countries like UK, France, Switzerland, South Africa and the USA.

He has also had his share of mishaps and close brushes with death. He had been admitted to SBSH on a couple of occasions because of head injuries from road accidents while riding his cycle. This made him realise the importance of the brain and spine in supporting an athlete and any person in general. But not everyone is privileged enough to be able to pay for a treatment when these vital organs need to be operated on. Hence he decided to personally contribute towards the hospital’s charitable cause in the past and is now raising money by riding his cycle and raising awareness.

TFN Goal:
After switching his career as a software engineer to becoming a full-time triathlon coach and having recently become an Ironman Certified coach, he is looking forward to raising more support toward Dr. Arvind Bhateja’s Free Spine Surgery program for the needy – Giving Back. Having done 2 TFNs already (2012 and 2014), he also wants this TFN to be a bit different. Along with gearing up for the arduous 950 km tour, he has set himself a big target of raising Rs. 5 Lakhs for the charitable cause.

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