Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital has joined hands with Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota (BOSCO) a project of the Salesians of Don BOSCO (SDB). BOSCO is a bridge NGO working with a host of other NGOs to provide every kind of assistance possible to the ‘young at risk’ such as children living on the streets, child labourers, abandoned or orphaned children, victims of drug abuse, victims of child abuse, begging children, rag pickers, etc.

More recently, in 2011, BOSCO started ‘Rainbow Home’ for girl children in partnership with Partnership Foundation, Netherlands. At the Rainbow Home in Wilson Gardens, there are about 70 girl children ranging from 3 to 14 years. Here, apart from a formal education, they receive counseling, trade-schooling, access to sporting facilities and a lot more. But, as always, funds are in short supply and the good people of BOSCO could use all the help they can get.

We at Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital have been providing them with free medical treatment, emergency help, health checkups and suchlike. The girls are brought into the hospital on a regular basis and receive the very best of care at the hands of our senior team.

In keeping with the philanthropic roots of our institution, we aim to extend the very best of health care to as many people as we possibly can. To that end, if you would like to help us help society, with donations of cash or kind, please do write to us at You can follow our newsletter or touch base with us on Facebook and keep track of the people you are helping us help.

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