It was with immense pleasure and gratitude to the almighty that Sita Bhateja Specialist Hospital celebrated its Golden Jubilee anniversary in November 2018. The years have been kind to this hospital, having grown from a small nursing home in 1965 to today becoming a large specialty hospital with a medical team to be reckoned with.

The hospital was the brainchild of Dr Sita Bhateja who set up a nursing home in 1965 in Bangalore and by 1968, a charitable trust had been setup under the name of Dr (Mrs) Sita Bhateja Nursing Home. Dr Sita spent the rest of her life donating 50% of her income towards the upkeep of this trust. Very soon after setting up the trust, a new building was inaugurated in an adjoining plot which was meant exclusively for providing quality care to the poor and underprivileged of society. It housed the charitable wing of the hospital and christened the ‘Jetha Nand Hospital for the Poor’ which catered to those who couldn’t afford to pay for medical care, and 50 years on, it still continues to do so.

Dr Sita Bhateja’s belief in giving back to the society and her compassion for the underprivileged also had her setup a Child Foundation which takes care of poor and abandoned children and providing them a home. It’s been over three decades now that this foundation has been providing free food and education to needy children in the city.

The next two decades saw the Nursing Home become established as a center of excellence for obstetrics and gynecology, the chosen field of specialization of the hospital’s founder, Dr Sita Bhateja. Having been one of the most popular gynecologists in Bangalore, Dr Sita’s intelligence, vision and exceptional leadership qualities has made the hospital what it is today. The hospital is renowned in the city for its excellent services which lie solidly on the foundation of our ethics.

The well-being of our patients is our first and only concern, over-riding any other considerations. We empathize with every patient and their fears, hopes and needs. And our mission has always been to bring hope to patients through empathetic healthcare, even if they are unable to pay for services rendered. We understand the pain our patients are going through and make every effort to alleviate it. The hospital has always inspired to be exceptional, and strived to provide the best of medical care using world-class facilities.

It was in the 38th year of this hospital’s existence that another new exciting chapter unfolded. Spearheaded by Dr Arvind Bhateja, a renowned neurosurgeon, the hospital now offers other specialties too including internal medicine, urology, orthopedics, neuro and spine surgery, plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, intensive care and physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

With the neurosurgical program being the new flag bearer of the Sita Bhateja Specialist Hospital, the dedicated team of eminent surgeons here makes the seemingly impossible dream of affordable excellence come true on a daily basis. This highly-specialized team of surgical experts now works in a new operation theatre complex with international standard state-of-the-arts features like seamless interiors, hermetically sealed doors and laminar air flow ventilation. Some of the specialist cutting-edge surgeries being performed here using the latest technologies include Navigation-Guided Brain and Spine surgery, Intra-operative Neuro Monitoring, Brain and Spine Microsurgery and Endo-Nasal Skull Base surgery.

Today, the hospital is a force to be reckoned with, especially where expertise in the fields of spinal surgery and neurosurgery are concerned. And as we set our sights on new horizons, we constantly remind ourselves to stay true to our philanthropic roots and provide the same facilities and expertise to all our patients (whether paying or pro bono).

After 50 years of providing medical care to every sector of humanity, we once again renew our commitment for providing the best possible medical care to all those who knock on our doors.

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