• Warning Signs and Symptoms of Brain Tumors

    Warning Signs and Symptoms of Brain Tumors

    Most people feel repulsed by the very thought of the word brain tumor, but there is something called being prepared for all eventualities in life and there is no harm in learning a thing or two about brain tumors. Brain tumors are basically a mass of abnormal cells growing in the brain; these can beRead more

  • Types of Lower Back Surgeries

    Types of Lower Back Surgeries

    Lower back pain is an increasingly common health problem around the world and afflicts both the young and old. Long hours spent sitting at the desk, lack of sufficient exercise and unhealthy habits are some of the common causes of this problem. However surgery is only considered as an option for treatment when other non-operativeRead more

  • Treatment of Spine Cancer

    Treatment of Spine Cancer

    Spine cancers refer to abnormal cell growth on the vertebrae of the spine or within the spinal canal; they can be primary or secondary in nature. Primary spinal cancers develop within the spinal column while secondary spinal cancers are metastatic cancers that have spread from some other location such as the lungs, breast, colon, kidneysRead more

  • Thoracic Back Pain and Cancer

    Thoracic Back Pain and Cancer

    Thoracic back pain is a commonly felt condition that occurs in the spinal area starting from the base of the neck down to the bottom of the rib cage area, just at the base of the chest. The reason behind this ache or discomfort is usually of benign origin. However, in a few cases, theRead more

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