• Signs of Spinal Cancer

    Signs of Spinal Cancer

    Cancers of the spine refer to a mass of aggressively growing abnormal cells in the spinal canal or the vertebral bones that make up the spine. Around 90% of spinal cancers metastasize or spread to the spine from lung or breast cancers in females and prostate cancers in males. Spinal cancers can be divided intoRead more

  • Spinal Infections

    Spinal Infections

    Spine infections are rare and can either arise spontaneously or as a secondary incidence to some trauma to the spine or after an invasive procedure. If not treated properly and promptly, such infections can be very destructive and even lead to death. Infections of the spine can affect different parts of the spine, including theRead more

  • Cervical Disc Replacement

    Cervical Disc Replacement

    Cervical discs refer to the jelly-like cushions present between the cervical vertebra bones of the spine. These intervertebral discs are essential for absorption of shock. Injury, infection or the normal ageing process can lead to abnormalities in these discs. The disc can move out of its position and become herniated or with the passage ofRead more

  • What does a Neurosurgeon do for Back Pain?

    What does a Neurosurgeon do for Back Pain?

    Most people are under the impression that neurosurgeons deal with brain-related issues. But in reality, neurosurgeons do more than just that. They get to deal with the entire body too as the field of neurology deals with the nervous system. This includes the brain, spinal cord as well as the network of nerves branched outRead more

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