• Ways to Diagnose Throat Cancer

    Ways to Diagnose Throat Cancer

    Cancer doesn’t discriminate in its location and can grow in almost any part of the body, including the throat. The throat is a muscular tube that extends from behind the nose and ends at the bottom of the neck. Throat cancers are malignant tumors that can be found growing in the pharynx, the voice boxRead more

  • Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery

    Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery

    Millions of people around the world suffer from knee pain and stiffness. The pain levels can vary depending upon the amount of inflammation and can lead to lower activity levels and quality of life. While knee replacement surgery is eventually the most effective way for permanent relief from knee pain, it should only be consideredRead more

  • Cervicocranial Syndrome

    Cervicocranial Syndrome

    Cervicocranial syndrome is also known as Barre-Lieous syndrome and refers to a complex combination of neurological symptoms. These symptoms usually include chronic headache, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), neck pain, facial pain, sinus pain, ear pain and pain at the carotid artery region. Other symptoms include dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing, allergies, dizziness and vertigo.Read more

  • Is Spine Surgery Safe?

    Is Spine Surgery Safe?

    Back problems related to the spine are one of the most common ailments seen by general physicians. Most of these back problems however can be treated successfully without resorting to surgical intervention. Non-invasive treatments like physiotherapy, heat and anti-inflammatory medications are usually effective in treating minor issues. Your doctor will only recommend back surgery ifRead more

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