• Recognizing Potential Signs of Throat Cancer

    Recognizing Potential Signs of Throat Cancer

    Cancer refers to an uncontrolled multiplication of abnormal cells that result in the formation of malignant growths, also called tumors. And when these malignant growths occur in the voice box, vocal chords or tonsils and oropharynx region, they are known as throat cancer. The throat is a muscular tube that begins behind the nose andRead more

  • Common Gynecologic Problems and Preventions

    Common Gynecologic Problems and Preventions

    In her lifetime, almost every woman faces some gynecological problem or the other. These gynecological problems can affect the female reproductive organs adversely, sometimes even resulting in infertility. Understanding these problems can guide women to become more proactive towards their prevention, thus minimizing adverse consequences. Common gynecological diseases can affect reproductive health and result inRead more

  • Giving Back

    Giving Back

    The Sita Bhateja Specialist Hospital follows a unique philosophy that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. The hospital has a deep-rooted principle of ‘Giving Back’ to society since the time of its inception, by providing compassionate medical care to those who cannot afford it. It was for this purpose that the SriRead more

  • When Knee Surgery Is Recommended

    When Knee Surgery Is Recommended

    Non-invasive treatment options are always first in line for knee-related problems. These include physical therapy, weight loss, NSAID medications and localized steroid injections. When none of these strategies work and the quality of your life is deteriorating, doctors might recommend surgery. Knee surgery is your best option if: There is a persistent loss of motionRead more

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